Kartent (Home)


The KarTent for at home, as a sample or for on the camping. Be aware that the KarTent is rather big! It measures 2,40×1,60, and is therefore not an object you can easily take in your weekend car! However, a KarTent might be the ideal camping solution you are looking for! Perfect for hosting your guests when you’re throwing a party, or when you want to surprise your kids with a little big present!



The KarTent will be sent through DHL. Delivery times and fees may vary per country.
Are you looking for KarTent on your festival? Have a look here!
Why are the delivery costs so high?
KarTent is a product especially designed for the festival environment. That means we can easily stack them on pallets and transport them efficiently. However, it becomes another story if we deliver them to your house. The KarTent is rather big, which is the reason why the delivery costs are high compared to the product price.