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The Secret of KarTent…

our Challenge

Devleoping a cardboard tent might be les easy than you think. Right after starting KarTent, the challenge was to find a cardboard type that was both recyclable and waterresistant. This meant that our cardboard could not host a coating or contain PP material. 


With KraftFiber, we found a solution where recyclability and waterresistance meet. The material consists primarily out of recycled cardboard, with the addition of new wood fibers to increase the strength of the material. The material has withstood many tests in our KarTent labs and has proven itself as part of the KarTent on over 300 different festivals. KraftFiber is a cardboard type unlike any other kind, that will beat your banana-box cardboard in every way!

It’s not without reason we say that KarTent is the ‘Ferrari among cardboard boxes’!

Strong and reliable

Innovative and Eco-friendly


% Recycled carboard


% New wood fiber

Thickness (in mm)

Strength (in kPa)

Why Kraftfiber is amazing

Completely Recyclable

Containing only natural materials, KraftFiber can be completely recycled. It is a high-quality material that is desired in the recycling industry.


KraftFiber is completely FSC-certified, making sure that the new fibers in the material are coming from a responsible source.

Strong results

We have stress-tested KraftFiber in many different ways, and therefore we know exactly what we can expect from the material, which helps us in designing the perfect tent.

  • Maximum Humidity 60%
  • Amount to be reused (currently) 20%
  • Amount of material to be recycled 100%
  • Awesomeness 100%

Incredible test results

We have stress tested KarTent on many different aspects, which resulted in a reliable and good overall image of the materials’ qualities. Because of its good qualities, the material is often usable as cardboard after a festival, and is therefore used in many other applications.

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