Kartent is your ideal festivalbuddy!

The KarTent is your friend. Simple as that! Big enough for two people
it has all the qualities needed to bring your festival to the next level!


No more hassle with your stuff!

We will bring your karTent to the festival for you! This means you don’t have to carry around with heavy stuff!


Relax when you arrive!

We build up your KarTent for you! That means that you can immediately start enjoying your festival as soon as you arrive!

KarTent stays Dark and Fresh

Because the tent is made of cardboard, it stays fresh in the morning! The material blocks the sunlight, ensuring a good night’s rest!

Recycling is bliss

KarTent is a completey new way of thinking about a product! The KarTent is designed in a circular fashion! The cardboard from KarTent is used in several applications, such as boxes in the logistics industry, or festivalgadgets for you to enjoy. In the end of it’s life, the KarTent can be fully recycled!

Painting is awesome!

You only use your KarTent once, which means you can easily customize it to your liking! Don’t hesitate to bring paint, glitter and decorations, because your KarTent is bound to be fabulous!

Painting is awesome!

You only use your KarTent once, which means you can easily customize it to your liking! Don’t hesitate to bring paint, glitter and decorations, because your KarTent is bound to be fabulous!

KarTent size compared to…


















Want to know even more? Check out these questions!

How to set up a KarTent?

Are you going to a festival? Don’t worry! You won’t have to set up your KarTent! We do that for you! For everyone else, we have this document to guide you through the process. But we’re sure it won’t be any problem.. KarTent ain’t rocket science!

Can I order a single Tent, or a few to bring to the festival by myself?

That depends. We as KarTent do generally not deliver tents personally to individual customers. The reason for this is that the KarTent is not very suitable for easy transportation. The tents, even folded, are quite big, with a size of 2,40 x 1,60. This makes them perfect for use on an event, but not so perfect for in your car! If you are a big fan with a really big van, than you can order one online here. But be warned that transportation costs will then be relatively high! You may of course always pick up the tents at KarTent headquarters in Amsterdam.

What happens if it rains?

How is it possible that the tent is water resistant? Is the KarTent made of some magical kind of cardboard? Nope, its not. The tent will stay dry with some showers for sure, but there is nothing magical behind it. The cardboard in the tent is of sufficient quality to last for several days, and will perform similar under heavy conditions as a regular tent would. Of course we can hardly say anything about the tents performance during sharknados, godzillas and hurricanes.

Can I have my own print on it?

Sure! If you want some more information fill in our contact form or sent us an email at info@kartent.nl

We can print tents from 1 piece and have multiple solutions.

What happens with the tent after the festival?

After the festival, the tent will be recycled. This means that we will make sure it is brought to the recycling factory. At this moment we are also investigating other applications for our used KarTents! If you want to take your tent after the festival, feel free to do so! But realize they are very heavy and big!

Can I draw on it?

Yes you can! Actually, check if the festival offers pens and spray cans as well, because some festivals like to stimulate creativity! Of course you may also bring you own! Make your tent your personal pride on the festival camping!

Will you come to my Festival?

On our website you can see which festivals we go to. Festivals not listed there are not yet planned. Is your festival not there? Pity, but we probably won’t be there this year. But if you would like to see us there next year, make sure to send the organisation and us an email, so that we can arrange something for the next year! Also make sure to check the page regularly because we keep adding festivals!

Can I have one for my kids at home?

Yes! We developed a child version for at home! See kartent.com/junior!

Will you always pitch the tents?

In the Netherlands and Belgium, we offer the KarTent Full service, meaning that we distribute the tents, and together with the festival organizers also arrange when and how the tents have to be set up. In this way, we can ensure that life will be as easy as possible for the festival visitor! Of course, we cannot deliver the same kind of service in other countries yet. This is why we are looking for partners that can make these kind of deals on other markets!

I would like to distribute your tents in my country! Is that possibile?

Sure! We would love that! Make sure to send us an email!

Who is behind KarTent?

The core team of KarTent consists of Jan Portheine, Wout Kommer, and Timo Krenn.

Jan Portheine is an entrepreneur in and out. Once trained as an architect, he quickly found his way in building cardboard houses. In his spare time, he likes to play hockey. Jan prefers cappuccinos with a bit of sugar.

Wout Kommer is a creative mind in a somewhat less creative body. Once trained as an industrial designer, the world of cardboard keeps him hooked. In his spare time, he likes to climb (the famous Dutch mountains) or bike. Wout likes his coffee pitch black.

Timo is a sharp multi-talent and enthusiastic polyglot. He started at PWC, but the suit felt too tight and cardboard boxes were more his style anyway. In his spare time, he likes to hockey or skis down some slopes (also in the famous Dutch mountains). Timo prefers a good espresso.

How did KarTent start?

Jan & Wout met each other at the Cleantech Challenge, a course at the TU Delft. Jan had made a beach house out of Cardboard for his graduation project. Together with Bas, a first-year student they went brainstorming. When they stumbled upon a picture of Glastonbury camping after it had finished, the idea of KarTent was born. See also the TEDx talk of Wout about the start of KarTent!

How Eco-friendly is KarTent?

People keep asking us just how eco-friendly our tent really is. Yes, we also do realize that it would be best if everyone would buy one tent, and use it year after year. And if everyone would do that, we wouldn t have existed. But people dont! As tents are getting cheaper, it becomes increasingly attractive to throw away a tent and not bother about the hassle of breaking it up. For the people that intend to do this, KarTent was developed. The production of 1 KarTent exhausts half the CO2 of a regular one, and all of the material of the KarTent can be recycled with ease. Did you know that a regular tent may consist of up to 30 materials? KarTent consists of only one!

Is KarTent fireproof?

Setting our tent on fire is not easy as you think! And be honest: do you really think your average festival tent is fireproof? We don’t think so. If anything ever goes wrong, you are outside in seconds! And if it happens to be so that you have to flee over a dark festival camping, our tent does not have any guy ropes that can make you stumble. Pretty safe!

What is the meaning of life?

We don’t know for sure. But we’ve heard somewhere that the answer is 42.

Any further questions? Send us an email!