leaves their tent behind after the festival is finished

The number of tents left behind every year

This is 2.5 Million kilo's of plastic yearly.

100% Recyclable

The KarTent is completely made of cardboard, which makes it easy to recycle. Furthermore, the material of KarTent is being re-purposed to make new products.

Room for two

The KarTent has the same size as a regular festival tent. It is suitable for two people, including your festival gear!

Dark and Fresh, like a crisp summer night

The cardboard material blocks the sunlight, which keeps your tent dark and cool in the morning!

We set it up for you!

If you order a KarTent at your festival, we will set it up there for you! No more setting up your tent; simply show up and the party can start!


Tents saved




Recycled material

Our Story

What makes our little cardboard hero so much better than its ordinary alternative? Let us tell you about its life!


Your 'ordinary tent' is produced in faraway countries, with sometimes disputable environmental laws. After its production, it goes through an polluting travel of several months over sea to be shipped to your country. KarTent, however, is always produced locally, wherever you are. We always keep transport distances to a minimum.

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Buying the tent

Our tent can be purchased on the website of the festival, or simply from our own page. No more need to visit a store selling 'ordinary' tents; a simple "Click!" and your tent is arranged!

Click here to order a KarTent at your festival!

Straight to the party!

Just before the festival, you receive additional information from us, letting you know where to find your cardboard palace! No more hassle to set up your tent, just check in with us and start enjoying the festival!

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Clean Camping

Did you know that 1 in 4 people leaves their tent behind after the festival finishes? Not that it matters to you, because you can leave your KarTent behind anyway. We'll take it from here - we will re-purpose or recycle all of the valuable material!

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Second life

When your KarTent has served you well on the festival, a whole new life awaits it. We create new boxes out of your KarTent, that can be used in the logistics sector. Furthermore, the KarTents can be transformed into cardboard garbage bins, to serve as waste collectors on other festivals. If that isn't circularity, we don't know what is!


I totally love this shit. It is beyond anything I have ever imagined.

Milan Meyberg

Sustainability Consultant

I always eat cardboard shredded with some milk and honey in the morning.

Wout Kommer

Megatron, KarTent

Nice stuff. I have replaced my floor with cardboard since sleeping in a KarTent.

Wout Kommer

Mr. Perfect, KarTent

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- Jack & Jenny Green


- Jack & Harry

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- Keesje

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