Wacken Open Air

02 August 2018

*KarTent is pre-pitched in the Mein-Zelt-Steht-Schon area!


The Ferrari amongst the cardboard boxes, the king of cardboard camping! Secure your KarTent for Wacken Open Air now! 



The KarTent is not your ordinary festival tent! It is a completely recyclable, cardboard festival tent, set up and ready for you when you arrive at the festival!  made to last for the duration of your festival, and is suitable for 2 people.

Because it is cardboard, you can paint on your KarTent as much as you want! Be the pimp of the festival camping and shine with your own beautiful designs!

Different from other tents, our tent stays nice and dark in the morning, so you can sleep out your festival hangover without being bothered by the morning light and charge your energy to fully party again the next day!

Need sleeping bags and air mattresses? Don’t worry, we got you covered! You can order them now and they will be in your tent when you arrive at the festival! Isn’t that superflex?

Our Story

Did you ever attend a multiple-day festival? Maybe then you know the problem: Every year a lot of stuff is left behind on festival camp sites after a festival has finished. This includes bottles and glasses, but also tents! Actually, to be more specific: 1 out of 4 people leave their tent behind on the various camp sites worldwide! People feel hungover and tired, and don’t feel like breaking up their tent and carry it along. As you can imagine this causes a lot of waste: In the Netherlands alone, where KarTent is based, this counts up to 25.000 tent every year.

Of course this is not all too good for the environment… after only a single use all these tents will go straight to the garbage dump!

This is why we designed the KarTent; a fully recyclable festival tent made entirely out of cardboard. The cardboard allows for easy recycling of the tent; after the festival, the tent can go directly to the paper recycling industry so that they can re-use your tent to make toilet paper, books, shoe boxes or other romantic things! Furthermore, the KarTent can be used as palletbox with a few adjustments, making it an ideal product for the logistics industry!

Since 2015 we have been selling the KarTent. Starting out as a small-scale initiative, the KarTent is now available in over 80 festivals in 8 different countries!


Designed in the Netherlands, the KarTent has been tested thoroughly to ensure premium quality. The unique design makes the KarTent extremely tough and water resistant and has proven itself at more than 150 events all over the world.

The great performance of the KarTent hasn’t gone unnoticed; in 2017, the KarTent was awarded the prestigious Red Dot award for outstanding product design.

Why get a KarTent?


Go straight to the party!

100% Recyclable

We recycle all the material!

Dark in the morning!

Sleep out your hangover!

Awesome price!

Awesome AND affordable!

Sleep like a king!

Don’t feel like bringing your own sleeping bag and mattress? We got you covered!
We can make sure some comfortable air mattresses and sleeping bags are waiting for you when you arrive at your KarTent! Our products are of premium quality and will ensure a perfect night’s rest.

Don’t feel like taking them afterward? No problem, we’ll make sure they will be used again and won’t go to waste!

So, what are you waiting for? Order your KarTent below and be the king of the festival camping!