KarTent for Event organisers

KarTent was founded by a young entrepreneurial team with a heart for sustainability. We have developed a simple product that meets the high demands of the festival environment.

In the past two years, we appeared on over 250 events. But what can KarTent do for you? Scroll down to find out how you can benefit from working with KarTent!


Leave no trace

Every year, huge amounts of waste are left behind on festival campsites worldwide. Research shows that 1 in 4 people leaves their tent behind after the festival ends. With KarTent, we can significantly reduce the environmental impact of your festival camping. Even if currently no tents are left behind at all!

Compared to an average festival tent , the production of a KarTent emits only half the amount of CO2. This is a significant impact, if considered that on average 26% of tents are left behind at a festival . If only 10% of these people would use our tent, production-based CO2 emission would decrease with 16.000 kgs!

Not only production emissions decrease but also transport emissions since the KarTent is produced locally. 63% of every new KarTent consists of a material from locally sourced paper waste. The rest of the material consists of new kraft cardboard fibers made from wood with the FSC-certificate.

100% of the material used in the KarTent will be recycled. The cardboard can be thrown away with the rest of the ordinary paper waste. Recycling the KarTent does not require a specialized process.

Want to dig deeper into why KarTent is the greener alternative? Check out our ECO page!

A unique experience for your visitors


The KarTent is big enough to acommodate two people and luggage.
The cardboard material blocks the sunlight, and maintains a comfortable temperature inside to ensure your visitor’s well-being and rest. Your visitors have never slept better at a festival!

But that’s not all. The KarTent is a gigantic canvas! Your visitors can get creative on the KarTent, or use old tents to make it even prettier! Nothing is too crazy, the only limitation is your imagination! A creative addition like the KarTent will make the festival experience of your visitors

Why you want kartent.


KarTent takes away your concerns. You won’t have to worry about the set-up and breakdown, as we have set-up options available in an ever-increasing amount of countries. The ECO-friendly nature of KarTent makes it a perfect addition to your festival and a well-deserved present to all your visitors!


Since we produce locally, there is no or little minimum order quantity. By working closely together we make sure that you never have too many (or little) KarTent at your event!


The KarTent can be easily printed, making it an ideal place for promotion. Your (partner)brand logo on such an outstanding product definitely draws the attention of the festival crowd. A variety of printing options is available, fitting your needs.





Full service

Set up and breakdown


The design of the KarTent allows for efficient use of space.


A budget-option for
your festival crowd.


Customizable with your
brand logo!


Eco-friendly addition to
your event!


An additional service
to your customers.

Proven design

Designed in the Netherlands, the KarTent has been tested thoroughly to ensure premium quality.  The unique design makes the KarTent extremely tough and water resistant and has proven itself at more than 250 events all over the world.

The great performance of the KarTent hasn’t gone unnoticed; in 2017, the KarTent was awarded the prestigious Red Dot award for outstanding product design.

“De Kartent is het perfecte voorbeeld van hoe een simpel idee tot een impactvolle innovatie kan leiden.
Een prachtproduct, en sterk staaltje (of beter gezegd “kartonnen”) Dutch Design.”

Milan Meyberg

Revolution Manager, DGTL

“At Smukfest we had KarTent for the first time in 2017. Our gests loved it!, and so did the we as festival organizers. It is a lot easier to recycle a cardboard tent, then an ordinary tent.”

Jakob Thorup


Set up possibilities

The KarTent’s unique design makes it fast and easy to set up. This makes the KarTent perfect for large quantities. We offer additional full service solutions including delivery, set-up and clean up after the event. With over 100 events, we have a great experience in building and managing the KarTent camping, taking away your worries while you run the festival.

Indoor events also range amongst the possibilities. The KarTent is a unique product that can be set up without the use of pegs. This, combined with the fact that it stays dark, makes it an ideal solution for indoor events. Let your visitors sleep in places where it was not possible before!